AI-powered security, anti-spam and analytics for Messaging Platforms

Management solution for groups that works invisibly and instantly. Available now for Telegram.

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Social structure

Map and measure the relationship and flow between people and groups.

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Groups and channels activity insights, user traffic tracking and reporting.

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Partner and affiliate marketing programs for large groups with targeted audience.

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Top and Trending

Large catalog of animated stickers and groups by topic.

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Group Management

Rules and triggers content filtering.

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Fast growing

Join thousands of groups with millions of members.

AI-inspired content analytics

By using our solution, people enhance the functionality of messaging groups used by millions of people.

Text Content

More and more unwanted messages are being sent from malicious users and automated accounts. Keep groups spam and flood free. Remove socially offensive language and flood messages from users who want to disrupt the chat.

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Image Filter

Detecting unsafe and offensive images is an important problem for every instant messaging group as it may be permanently banned after a report of inappropriate content. Filter not suitable for public images with great precision.

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Voice Recognition

Convert voice, audio and video messages to text. Members who prefer dropping voice notes can easily send messages that would take too long to write.

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Telegram anti-spam and group management bot