Anti-Spam free Telegram bot for you groups

Protectron Bot

Free Telegram Anti-Spam bot for groups, chats and supergroups. Automate removal of spam in your group!

Do you see more and more messages that are spam?
Want to keep a telegram spamfree?

How to add the bot to my group?

1. Add ProtectronBot to your group as Admin ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€
2. Rights: Delete Messages ๐Ÿงน, Ban Users ๐Ÿ˜ถ
Protectron is active. Thank you and be safe!โœจ

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What does Protectron do?

Removes common for telegram groups spam:
Links to other telegram chats
Shortened links from new users
Links from suspicious members
Kicks spammers
And trusts old chat members!


A special thanks to our first users for all your suggestions, feedbacks and trust!
We're working to make Protectron better.
Group commands like start / stop / report / etc.
Bot settings for individual group management
Improved detection algorithms
And more will be available soon!

Bot became lightning fast.

ProtectronBot was released to the public.


Please send a message if you have questions, ideas or comments.